Winding Pathways is a website and consulting business that encourages people to create wondrous yards, whether that yard is an expansive acreage, a suburban lot, or a condominium balcony.


Many yards are monocultures of sprayed and mowed grass. No wonder the children spend so much time indoors at the computer! Winding Pathways’ goal is to help people make their yards so fascinating and satisfying that they want to be outdoors.

Winding Pathways will help viewers learn how to create and enjoy a chemical free yard that yields healthy food and quietude, invites play, and allows all to enjoy the wildlife and plants that share the yard with their human neighbors. As a bonus, the site will help homeowners learn how to comfortably weather out a week or two when a massive storm knocks out utilities.

The yard is a palate that can be:

  • a haven of biological diversity and colorful ever changing wonder and beauty
  • a place for refreshing peace and solitude
  • a place for children to play and explore amid nature’s beauty
  • a place to produce healthy food

The Winding Pathways website shows how to transform your yard into a place of ecological health, fascination, excitement and fun while giving insights into what nature’s doing out the back door. Monthly site updates give seasonal tips on interesting activities, wildlife and wildflowers, food harvesting, and ways to simply unwind in the quiet peace of an ecologically healthy backyard after a tough day’s work.

Birding Pro-Staffers, Marion and Rich Patterson

A sampling of topics to come through your computer include:

  • Transforming acorns that fall on the lawn into delicious muffins
  • What the moles tunneling in the lawn are really doing
  • The amazing histories of common yard weeds – and how to turn them into delicious food
  • Preparing for a week or two when a storm knocks out utilities
  • Creating a nook of privacy out the back door
  • Giving pollinators a helping hand – even on an apartment balcony

Winding Pathways comes from the hearts and minds of Marion and Rich Patterson, seasoned naturalists, ecological restorationists, educators, and thoroughly outdoor people. Marion is the “tranquility guide” with a life mission of helping people find peace and satisfaction. Rich is the “ecological restorationist”. The Pattersons and their two children transformed their suburban yard into a place of satisfying fun, food and fascination

The Pattersons’ goal is to encourage you to create a wondrous yard that invites you outdoors into nature’s peaceful embrace.