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Winding Pathways encourages people to create wonderous yards, whether that yard is an expansive acreage, a suburban lot or a condominium balcony.

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Monarchs On Their Way South

This past summer we enjoyed watching many monarch butterflies flutter over our prairie labyrinth. Numbers were way up from last year. These intrepid insects are now en route to wintering grounds in Mexico. We look forward to their return next year. Monarchs suffered...

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Hearing Aids Help Enjoy Wildlife

A tiny migrating warbler changed my life.  As I sat on my back deck a few springs ago a tiny bird landed on a twig about ten feet in front of me. I could see it singing but couldn’t hear a thing. Military Training and Hearing Loss My hearing loss probably started as...

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“It was amazing! Gorgeous!  Fireflies danced over our prairie most of the summer, and they weren’t here when it was a mowed lawn,” said Katie Hill with much enthusiasm She and her husband Tim are restoring an island of ecological health just three miles from downtown...

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Alaska: Connections and Tips

Connections It’s amazing how many connections you will find when you travel to Alaska. My winter journey started with a fine chat with a Coe College student headed to the Twin Cities for a physics presentation.  As a Coe grad, I was excited to hear about his work and...

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Iowa’s Oceanfront Property

Oceanfront property in Iowa! Well not really, but the state constantly interacts with our planet’s vast oceans. Over six inches of rain fell on Winding Pathways in September 2018. Way above average. Not long ago those zillions of raindrops were swirling around in the...

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Labyrinths: Walking Meditations

Worship outside of a church comes in many forms.  For the service, several members shared their ways of being mindful and growing spiritually. These included listening to music, engaging in specific meditation times, and singing. My contribution was this short talk on...

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Getting Rid of Yellow Jackets

We were recently concerned to find a Yellow Jacket nest close to our front door.   Normally we appreciate their ambitious work catching insect prey. If they had made their nest in an out of the way place, we would have left them alone. But, their nest location invited...

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It’s turning time for wildlife, chickens, and people As the Northern Hemisphere of the earth continues its ageless slow wobble away from the sun, days gradually shorten until a wondrous event happens. The Autumnal Equinox happens around September 21st each year. It’s...

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Alaska Winter Adventures

Why I Wanted to Visit Alaska In the Winter Guest Blogger, Jane Suiter Potos by Jane Suiter I have the privilege of having two friends who call Alaska home.  My first visit was in the summer of 1998 when I turned 50.  Because I had always wanted to visit Alaska, I went...

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Swallowtail Soiree

Guest Blogger, Sheryl Ochs On a jaunt to the garden to retrieve some herbs for my freshly cooked carrots, I paused in surprise to see 12 small black caterpillars, each with a tiny white stripe in the middle, chomping away on my only parsley plant. I knew that parsley...

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Alaska Cultural Adventures

Colors, Costumes, Customs, and Carvings all coalesced at the Anchorage Museum on a cold winter’s day.  On my first visit to this amazing city tucked into the head of the Cook Inlet, we took a break from all things outdoors in the winter, to tour this vast museum. ...

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Labyrinth Renewal

As we prepare for The Gathering at Loyola Field Campus in Illinois in October, I'm remembering the lovely Veriditas Labyrinth Renewal Day this spring at Stony Point Retreat Center in New York.   https://youtu.be/BbYqB1hjAiY

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Lyme Disease – A Personal Story

Lyme Disease Has Spread According to National Public Radio physicians in all 50 states have reported treating cases of Lyme Disease. It is named for the town of Lyme, Connecticut, where it was first identified in the 1970s. At first, the disease was confined mostly to...

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