For the past fifteen months Winding Pathways has been busy with writing features for the Cedar Rapids Gazette and blogs for Hoover’s Hatchery and FB Live monthly events.  Catch up with our stories in The Cedar Rapids Gazette online.

Hoover’s Hatchery. Click on Flock Journey to read a variety of stories about all things chickens and other poultry. Or News From the Coop blogs.

Here is a list of the more recent features. Just click on the link and read away!

June 13, 2021. Alaska Recreation.

May 22, 2021. Museums of Quad Cities Area.

April 18, 2021. Finding Amelia.

April 11, 2021. Mississippi river Museum and Dubuque

March 25 , 2021 Cedar Falls_Waterloo. Memorable Museums

March 12, 2021. Time Travel.

March 3, 2021 Entering the Battery Age (column)

February 19, 2021. Franconia Sculpture Park.

February 2, 2021. Sprint Cars.

January 14, 2021. Embrace the Outdoors.


December 20, 2020. Walking Cemeteries.

December 14, 2020 Iowa Meat Lockers:

Nov 11, 2020 Iowa’s Inland Seas.

Oct 11, 2020. Barn Quilts.

Sept 27, 2020: New Life to dead Trees.

September 20, 2020: Walk Outside Safely.

September 9, 2020: Rebirth Amid the Rubble

August 22, 2020: Iowa’s National Parks.

July 27, 2020: County Parks.

July 11, 2020: Tenting.

June 26, 2020: Bear Sightings in Iowa:

April 12, 2020” Walk on Wilder side.


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