Winding Pathways has been busy the past several years with features for the Cedar Rapids Gazette.  Below are features from the past two years. I will post links to the other features in the Gazette from the past.

2023 to date

April 2, 2023. Agritourism Attraction. (Fair Oaks Farms)

March 5, 2023. Seeking Independence. (Truman Presidential Library)

February 3, 2023. A Gem in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands.

January 6, 2023. Ike’s Town. Abilene, Kansas & Western History.


December 4, 2022. Trap Shooting.

September 6, 2022. Riding the Rails (Alaska by Train)

July 17, 2022. Backyard Adventures. (No link to date)

July 11, 2022. Casper, WY, Gateway to the West.

May 12, 2022. Hobo Convention.

May 8, 2022. Splish Splash! Whitewater Kayaking in Iowa. (No link to date)

April 22, 2022. Finding America On Roadways East.

April 13, 2022. Muscle Over motor When Boating.

March 21, 2022. Rockhounding.

January 30, 2022. Backpacking Bonus. (8B of GZ. No link to date) Available Green Gazette.

January 24, 2022. Distinctive Religious Structures.

January 16, 2022. Hiking Wild Areas. (no link to date) Available Green Gazette.

2021 balance of the year

The first part of the year click here

December 2021. Country Schools. (no link to date) Available Green Gazette

November 15, 2021. Making a (Mini) Pitch for Soccer.

October 6, 2021. A visit with Midwest’s Pioneering Authors.

September 8, 2021. Taking a Slow Boat to Cassville.

September 6, 2021. Camping in Iowa’s Trout Country & Decorah’s Celebrities.

August 4, 2021. Parking While Headed East. And Solar Panels at Peoples.

June 13, 2021. Alaska Recreation.

May 22, 2021. Museums of Quad Cities Area.

2020 Gazette Features

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