Guest blog by Jacqueline Hull about a Christmas gift in the southwest.  “… told me this experience she had just before Christmas.
I hope you enjoy the story…. Sometimes life, its quirks, and inhabitants surprise us in the most delightful ways.”

$26: A Christmas Story:

“This is a short sketch about a Christmas incident that occurred in Sun City, Arizona, to a retired Air Force Vietnam Veteran Nurse. She has disabilities, and lives quietly at a senior residence.  Each day is a challenge for her both physically and emotionally.

“On this particular day before Christmas the retired nurse went to the grocery store to purchase baking items so that she could make goodies for some of her friends at the residence where she lives. She always carries her money in a small change purse so that she can grasp it easily and store in her pocket.

“After collecting all the needed ingredients in a grocery cart, she proceeded to the checkout counter. The clerk rang up the cost and the nurse opened her change purse giving the clerk some bills. The clerk returned the change and the nurse put the coins in the purse. Without thinking, she left the bills on the counter and went home with her groceries.

“Upon arriving home she put away all the baking items and decided to check her purse. She realized that she didn’t have the bills. She knew that there should have been the coins but also a $20 bill and six $1.00 bills. But, they weren’t there! The nurse became quite flustered and anxious. Back to the store she went to inquire of management if anyone had turned in the above bills.

“The store manager noticed her coming into the grocery section and noted that she seemed upset. So the manager asked if she could help. Tears brimmed in the nurse’s eyes as she explained what she thought had happened – that she had inadvertently left the bills at the checkout and that she really needed to find them.  The manager went to a register and as she opened it, she pulled out exactly a $20 bill and six $1.00 bills. The nurse wanted to know if someone had found it. The manager let her know that it was a gift and Merry Christmas.

“Peace on earth and good will towards everyone.”
Jacqueline Hull, guest blogger

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