Mulching blades chop up leaves

Two blades chop up leaves.

A few years ago we found a way to make removing leaves fast, easy, and good for the lawn. We actually don’t remove them but mulch ‘em in place.

We’re old enough to remember childhood autumns when homeowners raked their leaves to the curb and set them on fire. Smoke wafted throughout the neighborhood.

For good reasons, many towns banned leaf burning and began picking up and composting leaves. It’s a great change, but there’s a better way.

Raking is a monotonous chore. Leaf blowers herd leaves to the curb while filling the neighborhood with dreadful noise that sounds like a magnum force dentist’s drill.

We don’t like raking and won’t use a blower. Instead, we mulch leaves right on the lawn. Our battery-powered mower gives us an easy and environmentally appropriate way to convert them into lawn fertilizer.  At the same time, we help small pollinating insects in the hibernation stage and small amphibians among other helpful creatures.

We bought an EGO mower a few years ago that has two blades that effectively chop leaves into tiny pieces that filter downward beneath grass blades. Eventually, tiny leaf pieces decompose to add nutrients to the soil that next year’s lawn grass will appreciate and use.

Unlike blowers, our battery-powered mower operates quietly. Our neighbors probably can’t even hear it.

Note:  We purchased our EGO mulching mower at full retail cost.