Kids enthusiasm about playing in the snow is evident with snowmen around town, tracks across yards, piles of wet boots and mittens and gay laughter ringing through the town.  Two children share their reasons they love to “Go Outside and Play!”

-Savannah.  “I like to play outside when it’s snowing because we can do several different things. We can throw snowballs at each other. We can make big snow forts and hide in them. We also slide down our icy slide so we can go extra fast. So all together, we play in the snow whenever we get the chance.”
-Breanna. “When it’s snowing I like to go outside. The reason I like to go outside is because I like to go sledding really fast down a hill. I also like to build snowmen while my brother and sister go find accessories. I like to find cool foot prints in the snow. And I think it is fun to throw snowballs at my brother and sisters. And that is why I like to go outside.”

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