picture of kids and a tent in backyard

Backyard camping is a good way to start with young children.

Kids love camping. For a youngster a night of camping, even if it’s in the backyard, is an adventure.

This summer the National Wildlife Federation is encouraging people to go camping in national, state, county, or private campgrounds or even in the backyard. They offer a host of information on nwf.

There are lots of ways to camp. We choose to tent but others prefer sleeping in a recreational vehicle or renting a yurt or cabin in the woods for prairie.    

Who Camps All Winter?

Setting up tent

A small tent is cozy

Rich camps out at least once a month all year long, even in winter! When it’s warm the campout is usually in a state park somewhere, but if travel isn’t possible or in winter the little tent gets pitched in the backyard.

Easy Way To Start

Summer backyard camping for kids is easy, fun, and inexpensive. No travel or reservations are needed. An inexpensive big box store tent works OK.  We’ve seen them for sale for under $30. They’re not the best in bad weather but they’ll keep bugs and light rain out during a summer yard outing. That’s really all that’s needed. On warm nights kids just need a blanket or sheet, pillow, flashlight, and maybe their favorite stuffed animals or games.

If the weather’s really bad, or winter’s grip is on the land, a kid campout in the living room is also fun. No tent needed. Just drape a big blanket over chairs and make a bed within.

For those who are adventurous like Rich, consider different seasons.  Just prepare. Off season camping is great fun.

With so many ways and all seasons to camp, we hope you get outside and play!

Ready set……go camping!