Sunshine On Our Shoulders, Makes Us Happy!

We love John Denver’s famous Sunshine song almost as much as we appreciate sunshine!  After a long gloomy winter, the sun finally appeared toward the end of March. We welcomed it into our home and went outside to soak it up.

Although 93 million miles away, the sun constantly sends cheery energy to earth. Without it life couldn’t exist, so we celebrate the sun. Here are some sunny things to be thankful for:

It’s a Vitamin D engine. Sitting in the sunshine helps our body beef up its Vitamin D. This means strong bones for us! And Vitamin D boosts our immune system so we fight infections more easily.

sun in sky

Sunshine benefits us in many ways.

It brightens our house. We are amazed at how many people keep their blinds closed, even in the winter, when they could open them and let natural light warm both the human soul and interior temperature. Sunshine can significantly reduce heating and lighting utility bills, and our nearest star never sends a bill!



It energizes plants. In early April we planted radishes and lettuce in a cold frame on the south side of our home. Sunshine warms those tiny seeds and fuels the miraculous process of photosynthesis that enables plants to grow. Soon we’ll be eating spring greens and enjoying the snappy taste of fresh radishes.

It is one of the best sanitizers. Sunshine can kill bacteria and some viruses. So, we sometimes leave things we want to sanitize in the sunshine before bringing them into the house.

But mostly we savor the way early spring sunshine brightens our mood as it stimulates the winter dormant world into glorious life.


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